Our Story.

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Coaches Linh and Loe attribute their successful training techniques from experiencing being overweight and out-of-shape.  They have collectively lost over 150lbs.  Understanding how hard it is to lose weight and get into shape,  they know how to motivate and keep you on track to reach your fitness goals.

As friends prior to their business venture together, and being well-known in the greater Seattle area, the two have made it very easy to start their first gym.  Wanting to help as many people as possible, they are opening as many gyms in different areas to expand their reach.  In 5 short years, they have opened 3 locations.  

Their philosophies toward training and building a business are the same.  They also compliment each other well with each other's strengths and weaknesses.  They believe this is the winning combination for longevity in building a successful business.  


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Our Community

We have taken the time to build a great community, which is evident by being voted as the Best in Western Washington 5 years in a row by KING5 and Evening Magazine!  RCF is very diverse; including members of our military, full-time moms, doctors, lawyers, police officers, fire fighters, business executives, elite athletes, and retired grandparents. Regardless of how you earn an income or your current fitness level, you will benefit from the coaching at RCF. 



Our Success.


I’m addicted to this place that I’m planning my days around coming here. Best coaches ever, I know they’re watching my form and will make sure I’m doing things right to not hurt myself! AND it’s a pretty box that has great people with welcoming smiles!!! Love this place!
— Ana Leck-Smalls

After a 100 days here is where I sit. 155lb and 11.5% BF. Why? Let’s just say I have to make sure I’m completely ready when my number is called. My brother sent me this recently and I started cracking TF up; prob taken sometime last summer?! Man oh man. No shame though! It’s all about having self-control, discipline, consistency, a steady support system, maintenance, an end-goal, and most importantly, fun! I’m not quite there yet, but I’m proud and happy with what I’ve accomplished thus far. Cheers and here’s to another 100 days! S/O coach @loerider for the support and to everyone in the past who have helped motivate me and keep me in check! Happy Thursday guys! Oh what a time, to be alive!
— Rocky Sandoval

The first class was probably the hardest workout I have done in a very long time. Not only do you get an extreme and intense WOD but they have a team of great coaches that supports and guides you along the way. They are very attentive and care about your form. They are constantly challenging you as an athlete because RCF wants to make sure you see improvement which is very important to me. The team atmosphere of everyone working together really makes the difference as well. After a few classes I already noticed a difference in my strength and endurance. I must say CrossFit is well worth the sore you feel the next day! I highly recommend checking out RCF CrossFit! It not only challenges your physical body but your mind ability too!
— Vanessa Bennum

I don’t get on the scale very often, as it usually doesn’t give good news but today I did and it was the first time I’ve seen it show less than 240lbs in as long as I can remember . Now that might sound like a lot to most of you and I know I still have a long way to go but for a guy that was 300lbs at one point and couldn’t do a single push up, seeing that number brought a big smile to my face. Thank you to everyone at #RCF for making getting healthy a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. I should have joined years ago, then it wouldn’t have taken me as long to get to this point in my journey. Granted these pictures are years and years apart but real change doesn’t happen overnight. #iamRCF
— Douglas Bell

I went into 2017 knowing something had to give, something had to change. I had gained nearly 40 pounds, I hated every photo of myself, and I felt gross all the time. My anxiety was out of control and I wasn’t happy, despite being newly engaged. I set small goals, started with workouts I was comfortable with, pushed myself slowly as the weeks went on. In June I knew I was ready to push myself to be strong and healthy and to challenge what I thought I was capable of. I was lucky to find RCF and exactly the push I needed. It has changed my attitude, my body, and my mindset on far more than just working out. 2017 hasn’t been easy, but it has completely changed my life. I started this past year with a goal to not hate every photo that was taken of me. Thanks to all I experienced, I’m starting this next one with much bigger goals, and this time I KNOW I can crush them.
— Shelby Wickett

Where I started and where I am....
When I started: +140 lbs Size 26
- it’s just my body type, I’ll always be big - my ankle hurts so I can’t walk more than a mile, I think im starting to feel bad
- you just don’t know how it feels to be “big”
- I’m really trying but some people just can’t loose weight like you do, my metabolism is just slow....
- I’m going to quit smoking , but I’ll start tomorrow.
Where I am:-140 lbs Size 10
- Im a tall woman, not “big”
- I can do it, one more mile (any run I do now )
- you just don’t know how amazing it feels to know you can!
- “trust the process” quote Loe (rcf coach) and yes im still working on the process
- why did I ever wanted to smoke on the first place?

My point is, if I can do it, any one can
— Yvette Donde

Amazing. Can’t stay away! Never have I gone to a place where the people motivate you like non other and push you to be stronger than you think you are! Love this gym and love the people!
— Laurel Yae

They say you can’t build muscle doing this. I beg to differ...
— Spencer Kerr

I was so scared to come here at first....BUT IM SO GLAD I DID!!! IT BECOMES AN ADDICTION!! THE COACHES ARE THE BEST!! IF you want to lose weight and get stronger..COME HERE!! The workouts are awesome!! I love it!!!
— Jeanna Casallo

Excuse my rant...It only took 100% effort, sweat, tears, determination, and heart. A couple of times I wanted to give up but when you’re surrounded by individuals that motivate you to go that extra mile it’s just a boost of motivation. Im in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life thanks to the help of the coaches from RCF. I wish I signed up years ago, I’m just getting started.
— Chris Pena

267, 235 and current 184. Almost a year of sacrifice, dedication, discipline and wanting to give up. Does it work? Yes, but no one is holding your hand. Glad I took a risk and got in contact with @bodybyn8 (linh). RCF is more then just fitness it’s a lifestyle.
— Adam Courtney


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