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Which of these have you said to yourself?

  • “I know I should work out, but I don’t have the time.”

  • “I wish I could fit in that swimsuit/dress/outfit, but I’ll never be that size again.”

  • “I want to work out, but I don’t know where to start.”

  • “I wish my weight wasn’t such an issue in my life. It’s time to take my health seriously.”

  • “My workout program isn’t really working anymore.”

  • “I don’t need to get huge, I just want to be able to play with my kids.”

  • “I wanna look good naked.”

  • “If I could just lose the gut/flab/dad bod…”

Why aren’t you getting the results you want?

It’s just a matter motivation right? Nope. Motivation feels good for a minute but it fades like a piece of Juicy Fruit gum and when it gets difficult, it’s gets even easier to justify staying in bed.

What you need is DISCIPLINE, a PLAN, and a COMMUNITY. 

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The community

Everyone needs a crew. The real secret is our community of real people. This isn’t a “DO YOU EVEN LIFT BRO?” or “FITSPO INSTAGRAM MODEL” group of people who spend most of their time looking in the mirror and taking selfies. (We don’t have any mirrors, but we do take the occasional seflie). Our community is real-life people working on their goals even when it’s hard, cheering each other on even if you’re the last to finish, and having a hell of a lot of fun along the way. We’re more likely to post selfies of our latest PR than our latest workout outfit (no judgement). Our people are the real magic that makes it fun to keep coming back and easier to make progress towards our goals. 

Does this sound like you? You might be our people too. 

The plan

Have you ever: Gotten bored with the same routine OR plateaued in a fitness program that was supposed to work OR finally dragged yourself the gym and wandered aimlessly not knowing what exercises to do? 

We workout together using a constantly-varied range of functional movements with and without barbells, performed at high intensity and scaleable to fit anyone’s capabilities. This prepares you for actual real-world capabilities you need and challenges you may face. Strength, endurance and mobility contribute to weight-loss and cross over to carrying the groceries, picking up a child from the ground, lifting books or equipment at school or work, walking, hiking, running, playing, having fun and living life without a thought of “I can’t do that.”

If you need strength, mobility, or endurance to do what YOU want to do, this plan will work for you. 


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You didn’t think you were off the hook right? Our gym is filled with people who will cheer you on, celebrate your progress, share tips and techniques, crack jokes, dance during rest periods, grab a beer together after and pretty much everything you need to succeed except DO THE WORK FOR YOU. You are in the driver’s seat of your life, so grab the wheel. It may be scary at first (and we’ve all been there) but there will be a moment when you surprise yourself at what you can do. Just show up and trust the process. 

Discipline is simply progress over perfection. 

Make that shift in your mindset and watch everything else fall into place.

Are you ready?

Get 10 workouts for $60 and try us out.


What you get with your 1o sessions

This isn’t some limited “trial” where we withhold our best offerings. You get full access to our gym, coaches, foundations classes, and our awesome community.

  • 10 Workout Sessions for $60 ($6 per class!)

  • Scheduled time in a small Foundations Class so you feel confident with the movements, even if you’ve never touched a barbell before.

  • Personalized coaching and assessments from our training staff so you know what to work on to achieve your goals - even if you don’t know where to start.

  • Start building new friendships with our amazing community of people just like you - regular people trying to be a little better everyday.

  • A gym and programs you’ll want to participate in and people you ACTUALLY want to be around.

  • Try our workouts and meet our team with ZERO pressure. Start your membership when YOU are ready. (and don’t worry, we don’t do sleazy contracts and startup fees)


What you get with your full Membership

We care most about our people making progress toward their health and strength goals - and we specialize in both total newbies and higher level athletes working out together, side by side.

  • Unlimited Workouts per week. Or choose our 2x/week plan. (No sleazy contracts or start up fees. Of course, cancel anytime. But you won’t want to.)

  • Start with our Foundations Class so you feel comfortable with barbell movements, even if you’ve never touched a barbell. (Most other gyms charge extra for this)

  • Personalized coaching from our staff of encouraging coaches to help you define your goals and make progress - even if you aren’t sure where to start.

  • Get connected with our positive community of people like you - regular people working to be better every day. (Real Talk; THIS is what makes our people so successful)

  • Nutritional coaching when you’re ready for it. (Don’t change too much too fast, that’s a recipe for not sticking with it)

  • EXTRA strength and performance programs to take you even further. (Most other gyms charge extra)

  • Access to our private Facebook group where we encourage each other during the week, share progress, and laugh at funny fitness memes.


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What exactly is CrossFit?

CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements performed at high intensity. We use barbell movements like squats, cleans and deadlifts, and body movements like jumping, lunging, throwing and pulling to build strength, cardio capacity, mobility and mental grit. We workout as a community, pushing and encouraging each other to reach our own personal goals. All our workouts are scaleable and adaptable to your particular capabilities.

I’ve heard CrossFit is really hard. How hard is it?

Look, you’re only going to make lasting changes if you challenge yourself to go further than you thought you could (and that doesn’t mean injure yourself). Our workouts are challenging and performed a high level of intensity - we like to say it never gets ‘easy’ you just get more capable. Yes, it can be hard and challenging, but isn’t that true for the best things in life?

Do I need to get in shape first?

No. CrossFit gets you in shape. Start light and as your body adapts and you get stronger and faster, you’ll find yourself pushing even further.

I just want to lose weight and get toned, I don’t want to get all “bulky”.

Two things: 1. Only people TRYING to get bulky can get bulky. 2. Building a little muscle gives you shape, “tone” and most of all, confidence.

Does CrossFit get results?

Like with most things, you get out what you put in. And YES, our community gets results. Check out our testimonials page.

I feel intimidated at gyms. Do we have to do stuff with a barbell?

That is OKAY! We start almost everyone in our Foundations Class where we personally coach you on the movements so you feel confident with a barbell, even if you’ve never touched one before. We even have our BootCamp for our members who want to work hard and get results with a focus on bodyweight movements, lifting weights and objects, and other exercises without a barbell. And most of all, our community is fun, welcoming and encouraging like a family.

I have an old injury that I need to be careful with.

Don’t worry, we can help adapt and scale to your needs and capabilities. Make sure to let us know and we can help scale a workout, work with you on mobility and give you exercises and stretches to practice at home.

What should I be eating?

Nutrition is important to the foundations of health and fitness. When you’re ready, we can recommend reasonable and incremental changes to your diet that match your goals. We usually recommend eating whole natural foods that support your training and change habits steadily instead of trying all at once.

Are there any setup fees or contracts?

What is this Globo Gym? Of course not. There are zero setup fees, contracts or anything else shady to get more money out of you. We are here to help you get better every day. Pause or cancel your membership anytime (although you won’t want to).

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.
— Abraham Lincoln (probably)

What our members say.


Yvette Donde

When I started: +140 lbs Size 26
- It’s just my body type, I’ll always be big - my ankle hurts so I can’t walk more than a mile, I think im starting to feel bad
Where I am:-140 lbs Size 10
- I’m a tall woman, not “big”
- You just don’t know how amazing it feels to know you can!
- “Trust the process” to quote Coach Loe and yes im still working on the process
My point is, if I can do it, any one can”

Chris Pena


“Excuse my rant...It only took 100% effort, sweat, tears, determination, and heart. A couple of times I wanted to give up but when you’re surrounded by individuals that motivate you to go that extra mile it’s just a boost of motivation. Im in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life thanks to the help of the coaches from RCF. I wish I signed up years ago, I’m just getting started.”

douglas bell


“I don’t get on the scale very often, as it usually doesn’t give good news but today I did and it was the first time I’ve seen it show less than 240lbs in as long as I can remember . Now that might sound like a lot to most of you and I know I still have a long way to go but for a guy that was 300lbs at one point and couldn’t do a single push up, seeing that number brought a big smile to my face. Thank you to everyone at #RCF for making getting healthy a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. I should have joined years ago, then it wouldn’t have taken me as long to get to this point in my journey. Granted these pictures are years and years apart but real change doesn’t happen overnight. #iamRCF”